Katie’s World

Work – I continue to enjoy cashiering and interacting with the customers more.  Ok who am I kidding, the children, are who capture my heart.  I loved seeing children dressed up for Halloween come through the line.

Home – God provides for us in the littlest details, from food to money.   I  need to do some re-organizing in my kitchen. I want to try a new recipe I saw in the newspaper.  It involves pumpkin, garlic, stuffing,  and sounds delicious.

Health –  We continue to deal with Matt’s chronic illness.  Often it is hard and overwhelming.   Other times it is like nothing is wrong, and we can enjoy life.  It has invaded every aspect of our life.   My own anxiety is often on over drive being worried about him all the time.  We do try to do things to make memories.

Friendships – I have several friends who have been blessings to me.  Some have moved long distance, yet we keep in touch via email and facebook.   I have some local in skin friends, they are such an encouragement to me. Friendships help me grow and remain grounded in Christ.

#Spiritual Whitespace – I love young children!  Anyone who knows me knows this.  I have several friends who share theirs. The Twinados are two wonderful twins, David and Nora. You can read more here:   http://jretedrick.wordpress.com Spending time with them is a breath of fresh air to my soul.  They came through my line and mommy was trying to get them to say my name.   Every time my name was said, Nora, would turn and look at me and point to me. She knew who I was!



Katie’s World

A few tidbit treats of what is happening in my world recently.  

  • My husband treated most of last week last week like it was Valentine’s Day.  One day he brought me flowers, the next he brought me candy.  On Valentine’s Day he brought me a teddy bear.   
  • At Delta, my recovery group, a brave friend shared his story with us.  It was such an honor to hear his heart as he shared.  I also decorated for Fat Tuesday and we had a celebration where we had a dinner together.  It was nice to be able to sit around a talk and eat together.  
  • Working at Walmart — they have been cutting hours last week and this week, which is normal this time of year, but it has left us short handed in trying to get all the clothing area looking nice.  I am to much of a perfectionist and try and try to do more, but I realize I can only do what I can do.  I did my best.  
  • I do miss teaching preschoolers at the daycare.  But last week I went to a friend’s house to pick her up and both her kids ran up and gave me the BIGGEST hugs ever. I played and tickled them for a bit before it was time for us to go.  It was the best gift of the week for me.  
  • I am currently reading: The Reason by William Sirls, A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser, Crossroad by William Paul Young, and Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow — As you can see I read more than one book at a time.  I have been slowly reading A Grace Disguised for many months now.  It has been a hard book for me to get through because of all the grief from the past year.