Katie’s World

Work – I continue to enjoy cashiering and interacting with the customers more.  Ok who am I kidding, the children, are who capture my heart.  I loved seeing children dressed up for Halloween come through the line.

Home – God provides for us in the littlest details, from food to money.   I  need to do some re-organizing in my kitchen. I want to try a new recipe I saw in the newspaper.  It involves pumpkin, garlic, stuffing,  and sounds delicious.

Health –  We continue to deal with Matt’s chronic illness.  Often it is hard and overwhelming.   Other times it is like nothing is wrong, and we can enjoy life.  It has invaded every aspect of our life.   My own anxiety is often on over drive being worried about him all the time.  We do try to do things to make memories.

Friendships – I have several friends who have been blessings to me.  Some have moved long distance, yet we keep in touch via email and facebook.   I have some local in skin friends, they are such an encouragement to me. Friendships help me grow and remain grounded in Christ.

#Spiritual Whitespace – I love young children!  Anyone who knows me knows this.  I have several friends who share theirs. The Twinados are two wonderful twins, David and Nora. You can read more here:   http://jretedrick.wordpress.com Spending time with them is a breath of fresh air to my soul.  They came through my line and mommy was trying to get them to say my name.   Every time my name was said, Nora, would turn and look at me and point to me. She knew who I was!



Katie’s World

My world this past week has been so busy and packed.  

  • Learned a lesson about giving grace and how it ISN”T done this week.  I did not love someone well this week and show them grace and love the way I should have.  I was mean and petty and realized again I have to look at myself and what my own sin is.  
  • Matt and I went to the new EP cardiologist this week!  Newest Theory is that maybe all his symptoms of the dizziness and shortness of breath and chest pain might be his blood pressure bottoming out to low and then spiking in response.  They are taking him off one medication this week and then next week maybe the other to see if it is medication related.  We also have to monitor his blood pressure 3-4 times a day at different times.  
  • In being off one medication he is already feeling so much better.  Now to just wait and see how he is later. If all the above doesn’t work then we will have more tests and things to try.  
  • Work, work, and more work.  Been working some long days and my legs and back are killing me being on my feet all day and working at Walmart up and down bending or stretching to get things are taking a toll on me.  Yet it is a job right now and I am so grateful for it. 
  • Had a girls night out with some co-workers.  We hung out and talked and watched Singing in the Rain.  It was so much fun!!!  I work with some really awesome girls in the Clothing section of my Walmart.  
  • Matt and I watched Breaking Dawn part two.  I have to say as cheesy as the whole movie series is, I have really enjoyed watching them with him.  It is a great time to sit on the cough and hold one another and watch a movie.  
  • Seeing God provide for all our needs day to day is amazing!  


Katie’s World

My world for the last several weeks has been busy!

  • We have had some major snow here the last couple of weeks.  I got lucky last week that my days off fell during the storm so I did not have to try to get to work in it.  My dear friends Ann and Ben gave me an extra shovel to use after the first storm before the second one so I was able to shovel a path to my car and then shovel it out once the plow came and did the street and our parking lot.  The snow each time was above my bumper of my car.  In total we got about 2 feet.
  • The snow allowed me time to snuggle in with my husband and watch some rented movies and tv shows.  We have been watching the first three seasons of Big Bang.
  • I finished reading Crossroads and The Reason.  I am still working on the other books I said last time I wrote about my world.
  • God rocked my world last week and meet me in the midst of my tears and chaos.  I will write about it one of these days, but I am not ready to share with the world just yet.  I love it when this happens my heart spoken to deeply.  God is an intimate God and I am so grateful for HIM!
  • My friend Krista at Reviving Identity has written for Women’s History Month (all of March) for the last several years.  The first year she wrote about famous Historical Women.  Last year she had women she knew each write about their lives.  This year she is having significant others write about the awesome women in their lives.  She asked my husband and he wrote something for her blog.  I will let you all know when she posts it.  I have already read it and it made me cry happy tears.
  • Tonight is Delta, my recovery group.  I am so looking forward to going.  It feels like forever since we meet.  Due to the snow we had to cancel last week for safety reasons.  I am so honored each week to hear the hearts of women as they share their life with me and others.  Having a safe group to share my heart with has helped me learn to open up.  Applying the steps have helped me to focus on my own heart and God’s heart.
  • We go to the heart specialist next week on March 13 for my husband Matt.  I hope the new EP cardiologist will be able to help us better than the current cardiologist he has been seeing.