Currently I am reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I have done the Bible Study on the YouVersion app with my friend Martha Chalmers Roberson.

This idea and thought convicted me because sometimes when my anxiety is really high I tend to want to give myself a boost and often this came in the form of a treat of something sweet to eat. When I would be emotional I tended to not watch my portion control. I realized that I don’t need to give myself a boost by eating my emotions. I needed to bring that part of myself to God.

Please don’t hear me say treats are bad. They aren’t. They are only bad if I turn to that before I turn to God. My prayers turned to help me crave you more than ______. Help me bring my feeling and emotions to you first and foremost.

None of this is new to me, yet in that moment I was so convicted and devastated that I had put food before my love of God to satisfy. I couldn’t stop crying and beating myself up a bit. Yet my friend Martha pointed out that now I was aware. I could do this hard thing. Most of all I was not alone. She would help and more importantly God would help.

Where are you at? What do you fill in the blank with? Food, drugs, alcohol, Facebook, internet surfing, shopping,… the list could go on.

Dear Lord,

Continue to search my heart for anything else I out before you. Help me to turn to you instead of sweets. Help me bring my feelings before you to meet all my needs. Thank you that you care about all that goes on in my heart. I love you Lord!


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