Faith verses Fear

As I struggle with my anxieties and fears this song has spoken deeply to my heart. It tells me to believe God’s truth over the lies I hear in my head.

So often I hear from others that being anxious or fearful is a sin. I absorbed this and believed this. I caused me to condemn myself and go deeper into my pain. It did not draw my to Christ but separated me.

Until one day I went to CR. I heard people being authentic with pain and struggles. I heard it was ok to be broken. I recieved hope that I was not alone. I got to know a counselor who led CR. Eventually I learned to trust him and others with my story.

I still have people tell me it is a sin to be anxious. I still struggle with my mental illness. Yet the more I study about my anxiety and depression the more I realize my brain is sick. It is an organ that needs medicine, counseling, redirection of thoughts and faith in God. It is not a sin to be afraid. It needs healing from God through the ways he provides of mental health.

A friend, Erica, talked with me about this on messenger one day. (You can read about her journey here.)She pointed out to me that when people are being told to “Fear Not” is often when messengers from God are sent to people. Who wouldn’t be afraid of an angel appearing? Or even God Himself like He did with Moses? I would be. I have since gone and looked up many of these stories in the Bible. Condemnation is NOT from God. Love and grace is from God. I am amazed so much that time and time again he freely gives this to me. Let your faith build you up not rip you apart.

I pondered the words to Fear is a Liar by Zach Williams. I saw hope. I saw redemption. I saw truth that God works in my weakness. He gives me his strength. Believing what God says about me is a struggle but it has deepened my faith and relationship with him. I have also found a 5 day Bible study on YouVersion Bible app using this song. A friend and I started it together.

Today’s truth: I am STRONG because Christ gives me his strength in my weakness.

What lies are you believing today? What truths do you need to replace them with?

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