Maybe??? Just Maybe???


I use to write more.  I use to do this ONE WORD from God to me for the coming year.  I use to think about it all month of December.   The last several years I have not done this. I have hardly had time to write in my journal let alone a blog post.  Last time I did this was 2014 and my word was WORTHY.  Other words I have done through the years include: Letting Go, Rest, Trust, Hope.  Each word had a variety of meanings to me though out they year but it gave me focus.  And sometimes I did not realize the word here in December and January.  Sometimes it wasn’t until later in the year as I looked and prayed and sought God then my WORD came to me.

I was reading Bonnie Grey’s Blog over at Faith Barista and it reminded me of how I use to do this and participate.  YET I dismissed it.  I did not dwell on it.  But then a friend posted the question on Facebook.  She shared how doing it through the years has helped her and she was curious if others had done this.  I saw it this morning and dismissed it.  Yet this time I could not shake it.  I kept coming back to how it would help me focus and look for God in the coming year.

I remembered how the word took different meanings throughout the year.  Letting Go is my best example of this.  Letting Go meant so much… accepting the death of a loved one, letting go of control, trusting God was in control are what still sticks with me years later.

And in just thinking about it today only on and off I think I  might just have that word already.  I am not going to say it yet.  I am going to take some time to ponder and pray the next week, then I will decide.  Just maybe I have my word for 2016.  Let you all know later next week.

Even though I haven’t written in my journal this just seems easier to be writing it out for the world to see.  To pretend I am writing a letter to my friends and to God.


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