God’s Generosity

Thank you to a coworker who graciously gifted me with an unused computer of his I now have a working computer again.  I haven’t had one for over a year now.  I have missed blogging and being online as much as my small tablet allowed.

Through the turmoil of the last year I have seen God provide for us in so many ways.  Family and friends and coworkers have been the biggest blessing to us.  Several friends from work have come and spent time with my husband and helped us get him out of the house.

Through the struggles I see God’s provision.  We had food enough do to generosity of others.  We had money for bills due to generosity of others.

Several long distance friends have taken the time to call us or let us call them and just talk and vent.  I had two dear friends move this last year, they are military families.  I miss them terribly yet with Facebook, I still get to enjoy them.  I got an Italian Christmas card from one.  It was nice to know even though we are long distance we are friends.

I am rambling here just because it is so much fun to be typing and writing again.  I so missed it.  Writing is so good for my soul.  Writing is one thing I did not make time for much this last year.  It has been hard to get time to go to the library and use the computer.  I am so grateful for a computer again.  I sit here wanting to write something profound and all I can think of is I am just so grateful for the generosity of others.

If I had to look back at 2015 and define it by one phrase, I would say God’s Generosity.  I see how much he has loved me through ladies in Bible studies, to friendships, to work, to provision.  Not to say this year hasn’t been hard and full of trials and struggles and tears.  It has been full of these, but more so I see hope through the grateful heart I have for God’s Generosity.

How have you seen God’s Generosity?



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