Katie’s World

In my world this week I have: 

  • celebrated Easter by going to Saturday evening service with my husband.  It was a great time of worship and being able to celebrate the hope found in Jesus Christ. 
  • celebrated Easter by going to my family dinner at my dad’s house. I was exhausted because I had been up since 3 am to go to work first then drive there after work.  I feel asleep in the back room for about an  hour, but then got up and spent time talking with family. 
  • worked in the bakery helping with whatever was needed so others may buy what they needed to celebrate their Easter with family.  The last three days I worked the doughnut shift and also helped bag bread and wash dishes. 
  • been sick.   I had a bad cold or something. I slept for three days and called in sick early last week, but I am feeling better now. 
  • Matt and I went on a drive and found ourselves an hour away at his mom’s house.  It was fun being able to spend see her, since I work most weekends.  I was up late when I had to be at work early, but I enjoyed the time seeing her flowers, talking with her, and just being with family. 

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!  


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