Wounded Heart

I fell at work several weeks ago, an accident.  Wounded, I waited to see if it would heal, but after a week, it didn’t, so I went to the doctor.  Sprained elbow/Tendinitis of the elbow is the diagnosis.  No lifting with that arm over five pounds.

What about the wounds that you can not see or feel physically?

Wounds of the Heart? Wounds so deep that they are buried from your past.  How do those heal?

The saying “Time heals all wounds” just isn’t true sometimes.  I found that wounds from my past hurt more as time went on.  They were hidden deep inside.  I started having flashbacks.  I was paralyzed with fear at times.  I have felt like I am in a dark pit of pain and hurt inside my heart.  Everything I do is harder right now, including my writing.

Jesus knew pain.  He suffered.  He was wounded.





He was betrayed by those close to HIM.  People mocked HIM. Others turned their backs on HIM.

Yet Jesus still chose to have these things happen to him.



He chose it out of LOVE for you and me.

Remembering God’s love for me keeps me going in the times that are tough.

What wounds do you hide?  Who do you share them with? Share with someone today.



10 thoughts on “Wounded Heart

  1. Thank you for sharing this today! I hope your elbow heals quickly. The deeper wounds may not heal the same, but they do help us grow closer to The Lord when we take them to Him. God Bless You!

  2. Katie, thank you for being “real.” I’m so sorry for your pain. I hope your elbow heals but also those even more painful wounds of the heart. “Remembering God’s love for me keeps me going in the times that are tough.” Amen!

  3. I believe those hidden hurts are the hardest. 😦 Because they’re not as visible to the world, they don’t get a sympathetic audience that can be so conducive to healing. I’m glad you have in-person friends you can share with, and I’m glad you share what you can online as well. My heart aches for those who have to suffer totally alone. And yes, remembering God’s love is a huge factor in helping all of us through those tough times. Praying for you, my sweet friend.

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