What do you do when you are overwhelmed? 

I shut down or I start to panic. 

I force myself to keep going at the task that overwhelms me. 

I get it done, but it is late. 

Over and Over this keeps happening. 


Fear overwhelms me.  

Fear of being judged. 

Fear of disappointing others. 

Fear of unknown consequences. 

Is this always going to happen? 

What to do? 

Where do I turn? 


I swallowed my pride. 

I asked for help to improve my performance. 


They responded with a listening ear. 

They responded by helping me. 

They responded by letting me know it was ok to ask for help. 


Yet I realized this afternoon, I need to also swallow my pride and ask God for his help in the situation. I need to tell him my troubles.  I need his help more than anyone else’s help.  So just as I asked others for help, I ask God for help when I am overwhelmed.  I am still learning this. It does not come naturally to me.  I hope I can continue to learn this and grow in this area.  



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