The Problem is Not the Problem

My friend Krista is so wise, often the problem is not the problem.

Reviving Identity

So I watched a lot of the Discovery Channel this past weekend due to the fact that (a) I don’t have TV at home and (b) I had some time to kill with the in-laws while my husband was with his brother and the rest of the wedding party.

side-note: my husband totally makes fun of me, because when we argue I list out my points like I did above; ie, “Here is why you’re wrong, A, …. B, …, etc”

A couple of the shows we watched were cop type shows (is there a correct term for these?), and they were after specific crimes like illegally being in the US or poaching. While I watched I got a very familiar feeling. I eventually realized this familiarity was coming from the fact that there was always more than what they were looking for in a bust- they would find a…

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