Grace Friends

I have had several dear friends move away, as much as I miss them and ache to talk to them in person or just see them at church, I know they are following the path God has them walking and following their own dreams.  

But it doesn’t make the heart ache for me missing them go away.  I have things I do to treasure them in my heart.  One way is writing here and saying how much I miss them and wish them well.  Another way is to look at pictures and remind myself of laughter and smiles and tears we had together.  Remembering the last hug I gave each of them, helps me get through the day sometimes when I really wish they were here.    

Last night, it was my turn to lead Delta, and I could not help but miss one of the dear friends who use to facilitate our recovery group with us.  I admit part of me wanted him there so I would not have to lead up in front of the group, but really I just wanted that smile and hi from him.  But continuing on with Delta and sharing my heart is just another way to honor him and share my own heart.   

Another way is to keep an eye on Facebook and keep in contact my friends that way.  I have see pictures of Hawaii and Colorado from their perspectives.  I see the joy they are having and some of the heart aches.  I admit late night phone calls with one friend in Hawaii just made my night.  

These friends have found a place in my heart through the grace and love they showed me.  They have been real with the their own struggles, which helped me to learn to be real and not hide behind a mask.  They have shown me God. 

The truth is I may not see them again in person (although I hope I do).   I will see them again because they are Grace Friends, who have shown me God in their heart and actions.  Grace Friends will see each other again in heaven someday.  



4 thoughts on “Grace Friends

      1. I loved reading this Katie. As someone who has moved, it is also very hard to replace the treasured friends we leave behind. I am so thankful for technology, and the fact that, as old friends, we are able to pick up where we left off. God bless, my friend. I am enjoying checking out your sight (finally)!

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