Sharing…… Again.

Lisa over at Lisa Notes had some amazing insight today that touched my heart.  Her post was on encountering others and how God is growing and teaching her to be less self-centered and more other centered.  She ends with two questions: “What hinders you from encountering others more often?” and “What helps you overcome the obstacles?”  

My response:  

What hinders you from encountering others more often?

Myself — Hiding inside my own skin and mind and not sharing my heart with others. I have been hiding lots lately, especially since I have had a hurting heart. When I get hurt, I get afraid and I shut down. I have been trying to overcome this again. It seems I deal with this constantly.
Time — so much going on I am just so busy that I am overwhelmed.  I think just taking time to sit and be still and take care of myself is the start of not being overwhelmed.  

What helps you overcome the obstacles?
The only thing I know to do is just share my heart……. and today is one of the first days I have done that in a long long time. Thank you Lisa, I needed this reminder. I am trying to get into my writing again and sharing at least with God in my journal but it has been so hard to even do that.  So I am attempting to get outside of myself and write for the first time in a long time on my blog again.  

Go visit Lisa’s Blog.  It is an encouraging blog.  Click the link above and it will take you to her site.  

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