Illusion Buster

Dearest Lord Jesus,

I come to you again saying that I can’t do it.  I want control.  I want someone  to change.  Yet I can’t change anyone besides me.   As my heart breaks again and you see the tears I shed and the tears I hide from others.  I want my heart to stop hurting from the same hurt over and over again.

Jesus I need you now.  More than ever I need you to hold me close and tight.  I need you to help me realize that I am the only one I can change and yet I can’t even change me, you have to change me from the inside out.  Control is but an illusion.  You are the only one truly in control.

Help me release control.  Help me depend upon you.  Help me to trust again.  Help me to break the walls I place around my heart when I am hurting.  Help me to cling to YOU during this heartbreak.  Help me to realize that the control I seek is an illusion.  Break through that illusion and reveal yourself.  You are the only one truly in control.

Love, Katie


6 thoughts on “Illusion Buster

  1. Thank you for these words. But mostly I thank God for who He is – that He is there for us with love and perfection that we can’t even begin to muster on our own. And it’s clear that you knwo that. Your heart is in love with Him. That’s clear. And for that you’re doing well. He will make us perfect one day, and what a sweet day that will be! Persevere, sister. He’s so worth it 🙂

    1. I am sorry your heart is hurting. Dear Lord come and help heal a hurting heart. Help bring comfort and change. Help her to depend totally on you. Amen.

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